Porlex Mini Hand Grinder

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New and Improved Handle. 

Porlex Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder is the perfect hand grinder for travel or home use. It has an all stainless steel housing making it easy to clean and reportedly less static compared to plastic models. The conical ceramic burrs won't rust and are easy to clean coffee oils off. They also stay sharper for much longer than steel burrs. It can easily be adjusted from Turkish to French Press grind settings. A more uniform grind and less powder.

The Mini is approx 130mm high and weighs 248g. The hopper can hold 26g of beans.

Printed instructions are in Japanese only. Porlex English Instructions -PDF download

Product Dimensions

Porlex Mini = 13 cm High, 4.5cm wide (top and bottoms). Plus detachable handle 14cm long.

Porlex Tall = 18.5cm high, 5cm wide (top and bottom). Plus detachable handle 14cm long.


The Porlex Grinders have now been updated with:

  • A new patented design of connector that prevents any slippage from the handle and no wear.
  • A perfectly Circular Outer Burr which produces a more consistent grind throughout the entire range of grind.
  • New Japanese/English premium packaging and English/French/Japanese instructions.
  • Laser-etched Burrs to show that only premium Porlex Burrs are used in the grinder.
  • Made entirely in Japan, Porlex even uses Japanese clay to make the Ceramic Burrs!

Basic Grind Setting Guide:

  • Extra Fine (Turkish) = 1 – 2 clicks
  • Fine (Espresso) = 3 – 4
  • Medium-Fine (Fine-Medium?) = 5 – 6
  • Medium (Filter) = 7 – 8
  • Medium-Coarse = 9 – 10
  • Coarse (French Press) = 11 – 12