Oomph Coffee Maker

Time to jump on in and buy your new favourite portable coffee maker. Sexy to look at and super easy to use, the brand new Oomph is something special.

Fresh off the back of a super successful crowdfunding campaign, the Oomph not only uses people power to make a superb cuppa in less than two minutes, it also stores and keeps your coffee warm till you get where you are going with the built-in layer of air insulation.

Before you head the door in the morning, add your grind (25grams worth), add boiling water, let it filter through and take a minute or so to plunge – then grab it and off to work you go, fresh coffee in hand and ready to drink. The Oomph even has a flip out drinking spout just like your normal travel coffee cup.

You don’t even need a particular grind – so whatever you have on hand will be fine – the Oomph will sort that out for you. Cleaning is just a few seconds to rinse out the coffee grinds and your Oomph is ready to do the job again. Parts The Oomph has three main parts – the inner chamber, the outer chamber and the outer sleeve (which includes the lid). No moving parts.

All manufactured from tough, BPA-free materials. The turbine and filter is attached to the bottom of the inner chamber and should be removed periodically for thorough cleaning. If cleaner regularly the filter will last for over 1000 coffee brews. Cold brew too If you have grown to love a cold brew coffee, you’ll be delighted to know that you can also use cold water in the Oomph and follow the same process to get your perfect drink.

Colours Unlike most other coffee machines on the market, you get to pick your colour with the Oomph – from the range of Sky Blue, Royal Red, Midnight Black, and Pro Transparent.